Dr Hill is an outstanding chiropractor! Her office is family oriented and relaxed. I never feel rushed when I am there. Dr Hill does what many others sadly do not do: she listens. By listening she is able to assess individual patient’s particular needs. I am not new to chiropractic and must add Dr Hill has many skills and techniques, and she is EXCELLENT at adjusting. I went to several chiropractors before finding her and am so thankful! 10 stars!

I absolutely could not recommend Dr. Hill highly enough. I have been seeing her for this last part of my pregnancy and I regret not seeing her sooner! Other chiropractors I have seen spend one quarter of the time with you and you’re out the door. I feel heard and responded to at all my visits with her. She is very skilled and has an obvious passion for what she does. This seems rare to find now!

I first started going to Pinetree Family Chiropractic when I was pregnant with our first child. I received excellent care leading up to and following a successful, amazing home-birth. For the past 3 plus years, our family of three (and soon to be four) have enjoyed the health benefits of Pinetree’s professional yet personable holistic chiropractic care. Thank you!

Before I saw Dr. Hill, I suffered from chronic ear pain and sinus pressure for several years. I had seen several doctors, including ENT specialists, who issued X-rays, prescribed different medications, but to no avail. Dr. Hill listened to my symptoms and correctly diagnosed my condition in the first 10 minutes of my visit, and her adjustments has greatly alleviated my symptoms. Since then, she has also done wonders for my carpal tunnel and helped with my general postural alignment. I could not recommend a chiropractor more than Dr. Hill.

I have been seeing Dr. Hill for 3 years now and have brought my two young children to see her as well. I suffered from often debilitating low back pain for several years and switched chiros a few times. After working with Dr. Hill (adjustments, exercises, and a couple others tools) I am finally pain free and know what I can do to help keep my body/back as it should be. Routine “maintenance” visits help with this, or if I do something to throw things off balance, Dr. Hill can fix it every time. I also love that her office is kid/family friendly. I have and will continue to recommend her practice!

Before meeting Dr. Hill, I was starting to really distrust doctors. She helps me in so many ways to reach my health goals. She continues to impress me by helping with basically everything…like ear problems and carpel tunnel, which previous doctors had told me were chronic. Its hard to put into words, just how much I appreciate her.

I have had nothing but positive experiences since I have been seeing Johanna and Terry. It is a lovely spot by the ocean and boatyard and is the first thing I noticed. The healing experience moves on to Johanna Hill’s office, which is clean and welcoming. Of course there’s Johanna, the Dr., a genuinely kind and helpful, healing person. Terry, the receptionist, is warm and kind and extremely accommodating. Since I have been going to Pinetree Family Chiropractic I have improved in my pain level at least 50%!! That’s a lot considering I make my appointments every other week, a snail’s pace to some. I’d just like to say Johanna, you made me feel at ease when I first met you and you make my time there always comfortable. You are a genuine healer. Thank you!!

I highly recommend Pinetree Family Chiropractic. Dr. Hill is a perfect mix of an expert in the field and an all around great person.

I have been going to Pinetree Family Chiropractic for about 1 year and I am very satisfied! Issues I have been dealing with for over 20 years with other Chiropractors are finally getting better!

As a colleague and former patient of Dr. Johanna Hill I can attest to her compassion, clinical competency, and desire to serve patients and the community!
~Dr. J

Dr. Hill helped me achieve a VBAC!!! (For those who don’t know, VBAC stands for vaginal birth after cesarean.)

Dr. Johanna Hill has a gift of connecting with people; & in any business “people first” is success.

I never hesitate to refer patients to Dr. Hill. Wow!
~Dr. B

This business has made a world of difference in the comfort level and functioning level of my grandmother. Quality chiropractic care is so important for people from every spectrum and this office is definitely offering the highest quality care!

Dr. Hill is amazing! She spends whatever amount of time with me that I need that day and, unlike others, never pushes me into something I am uncomfortable with. I love her and she has completely changed my life for the better!

I have been going to Chiropractors for 30 yrs and she is the best. My back pain does not come right back after I leave the office and she has given me things to do at home that help.

For a great adjustment, go see Dr. Hill. I’m so glad to recommend her!

Great personality, great work