Chiropractic Care

photo of a female doctor holding up the arm of a seated patientDr. Hill offers loving and specialized care from fertility to postpartum and beyond, as well as pediatrics, with a focus on conditions of the newborn and infant.


Dr. Hill utilizes a wide variety of techniques, tools and treatments in order to provide for the unique needs of each of her patients. These include but are not limited to:

SOT (Sacro Occipital Technique)
Cranial Adjusting
Webster Technique
Diversified Technique
Logan Basic Technique
Activator/Adjustor tools
Percussor tools
Therapeutic Exercise (Personalized Programs)
Functional Medicine & Nutrition
Herbal Therapy
Heat and Cryo Therapy
Myofascial release and other soft tissue techniques
Lymphatic Drainage
Orthotic Devices (including custom foot orthotics)
Balance (Proprioception) Training
Baby wearing fittings and support
Backpack fitting
Ergonomic Assessment

Having so many tools in her toolbox allows Dr. Hill to tailor her treatment to her patient’s specific needs and desires. She is very conscious of the comfort level of each person and strives to find the techniques that work best in each unique case, always listening to the feelings of her patients and altering her treatment as needed to maximize comfort and efficacy.