Welcome Angela Lemire, DC

Photo of a smiling Dr. Angela Lemire, standing in front of some boats and water with bright blue sky behind her.

We are extremely excited to announce that Angela Lemire, DC has joined Pinetree Family Chiropractic!

Dr. Hill and Dr. Lemire have been friends for over 25 years, since they were whimsical 20-somethings with no thought of becoming chiropractors, or idea that they would ever get to work together. Now they are together again bringing even more healing and love to Pinetree! Check out Dr. Lemire’s bio below to learn more about her.

Angela Lemire, DC

Angela Lemire, DC is a 2013 graduate of Palmer College of Chiropractic and is a second generation chiropractor. Her father, David Lemire, DC, practiced for 30+ years in Livermore Falls, Maine. While being raised in a household with a chiropractor, Dr. Lemire did not originally consider this as a career for herself. Instead she attended the University of Southern Maine, earning a BA in Theatre in 2003. She later felt a pull and found her way back to chiropractic, attending a different school than her father and developing her own approach to healing the body.

Dr. Lemire is passionate about everything she decides to dive into, asking endless questions and researching deeper and deeper until she feels she has a complete understanding of a topic. She is committed to ensuring that her patients always feel seen and heard and that they are an equal part of the team in identifying what is wrong and figuring out the best way to treat it. Building this trust is integral to her approach and she sees this as an ongoing process of communication that amplifies the therapeutic effect of her care.

She also has a deep understanding of how trauma can impact the body and overall health, and is committed to helping her patients identify where trauma may be present, helping them find the right support to move through it, and caring for their physical health through the healing process.

Dr. Lemire loves learning about health and nutrition. She is an avid cook and enjoys swimming, hiking, dancing, and creating collages out of retro magazines.